Peter L. Barnes » Caves are Dangerous

Caves are Dangerous

Caving is extremely dangerous, unless you have an experienced caver with you, your chances of survival are slim. You need professional equipment, torches, ropes; helmets; warm and wet weather gear. There are indeed dangerous traps, falls, chasms and water hazards.

There are a few Cornish Tin mines where you can experience going underground, in safe controlled situations and are well worth the visit. Potholing can also be experienced safely with a recognised group, who will allow you to explore the wonders of caving systems, but even the most experience potholers can be caught out.

I have visited many underground caverns in the USA, Africa and Cornwall and they are amazing but these are only tourist visits, to enjoy the stalactites and Stalagmites all lit up with coloured lighting.

Personally, I will not be going on a potholing expedition like they do on TV, I’m not that brave, unlike the children in the book, who have an author to get them out of impossible situations.