Peter L. Barnes » Madness of the Mithras Monsters

Madness of the Mithras Monsters

There are more adventures for the team as Casey and her friends

need to traverse both time and place to understand the origins

of the abductions. The magic key takes on a lifeMadness cover

of it’s own as it’s mysteries are revealed.

They have to learn new skills from the turn of the 20th century to help them find

and battle for the lives of young and old.

Ancient maps are needed to find their way through the labyrinth of deceits and hidden depths of the mines and human depravity.

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Ghost of ancient miners come to life to help Casey find her past, but will it be the death of her. The Myths of the past and the ancient Roman god of Mithras come to life to threaten the children.

New challenges require new weapons and their experiences will find them once again in the depths of despair.

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