Peter L. Barnes » Cornwall and Monsters from the Deep

Cornwall and Monsters from the Deep


A trilogy of the five children as they battle the forces of evil, above

and below ground in the old Cornish Tin Mines. Can you help them find out who is behindaPeterlyndycookham

the abductions that have occurred over the centuries?


The children love gaming on their computers and mobiles but what happens

when reality and gaming combine into a an adventure they never envisaged.


Visit Cornwall and see where the mines are driven under the sea to find minerals,

but is there more down there than just tin and ore. The ghosts of lost miners and maybe

something more sinister.


The three books start with the Cavern of the Lost Souls,continue with Dungeons of the Darkest Dreams and conclude with House of the Haunted Hosts. Peter and his partner have discovered the monsters in the mines, as well as hidden treasure. Maybe you can do the same.

The first book can be purchased online for your e-reader from Amazon or request the printed version.


Published by Blissetts