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The ‘Team’

“Gaming is great but reality is more exciting and dangerous”

Casey - Copy - Copykeygold

A tough young girl who has to battle personal fears and insecurities. Curious and brave she is determined to fit in and use her imagination and skills to battle forces beyond her control. Her search for her father may lead her into more trouble than she could imagine.


Drew, a computer gamerdrew - Copy - Copy

‘You can’t have too much technology’

Drew has a fascination for computers and all

gaming applications as well as developing a


Drew’s Room

burgeoning web design business.

Originally descended from Malta where he

began an interest in archaeology.







Luna – A mysterious and psychic girl who loves to read the Tarot cards

frankiewithglovesposter - Copy - Copy tarotdeal

All things dark and dangerous

All things occult and mystic

Certainly she is courageous

But is she psychic or just artistic

Apologies to Ce­cil F. Al­ex­an­der

Do the Tarot cards hold all the answers or do they leave a few questions unanswered.

gemmaatparkdGemma Stanner

What can be more fun than shopping? Bling may be great but co-ordination

of clothes and fashion are the keys to perfection. You can’t have too many handbags!


cakes handbags

The beauty versus the beast.

How will Gemma defeat the monsters in the mine to rescue a sibling.

Smart phone Apps must be the way forward.


Ryan finds all he needs in his workshop and Dad’s hardware store.


Ryan Hardwareblade-350-qx-v2-rtf-quadcopter-ready-to-fly-gopro 3 black edition-gopro 3 black edition.-[2]-948-p - Copy - Copy


Illustrator for the book is Geng Gendall