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Caverns of the Lost Souls

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A ‘Coming of Age’ adventure story of dark proportions. Learn how the teens use their technology to tackle the monsters in the mines

Computer games come alive for Casey and her friends when one of their

sibling’s disappears and disturbing messages appear on her screen.

They are forced to use all their technology and gaming skills, to try

and rescue a child in the hands of the monsters, above and below

ground in the ancient tin mines of Cornwall.


Will an ancient treasure Casey finds on the beach, unlock the secrets

of her past and the maybe the future. Will Luna’s psychic powers

and understanding of the supernatural put her in touch with unexpected

helpers? Maybe it’s Ryan’s weaponry that will give them the edge.


The friends struggle to overcome the challenges, as time runs out

and they face certain defeat by the life threatening traps and monstrous

enemies. Trapped deep underground, threatened forever to go around

in circles in the dark unless they can solve the clues left behind by their forebears.


Dogged by a family who is determined to keep their secrets away

from prying eyes, as well as protect their ill-gotten gains,

the young teens have the odds stacked against them and begin to despair.

attic 2 with dollsDiscover the secrets in the attic

ellamap - Copy - CopyDecipher the clues written on the maps of the mines and avoid the ‘Herebe Monsters’

Review from a reader

Dear Peter,

I just wanted to say that I read your book ‘Caverns of the Lost Souls’ around 2014/15 when I was about 9 or 10 and absolutely loved it. I’m 17 now and thinking of rereading it soon- I think about it often as it was just such an interesting concept and I found all the history and folkore incorporated into it really cool. I wish I had read the sequels but when I looked for them around that time, I couldn’t find them unfortunately. I think I actually have the book signed by you (it was a Christmas gift I believe) and that my mother met your nephew perhaps at Crocus at Dorney Court cafe/garden centre in Windsor, where they both worked unless I’m remembering it wrong. It’s one of those books that has really stuck with me even though I read so many around that age. You’re a brilliant author and I hope you’re doing well. Have an amazing Christmas!
Yours sincerely,
Oliwia 🙂