Peter L. Barnes » Dungeons of the Darkest Dreams

Dungeons of the Darkest Dreams

There are more adventures for the team as Casey and her friends need to traverse time and



place to understand the origins of the abductions. They key takes on a life of  its own as its mysteries are revealed.

They have to learn new skills from the turn of the

20th century to help them find and battle for the lives of young and old. 

Ancient maps are needed to find their way through the web of lies and half truths of

previous generations. New weapons and experiences will find them once again in the depths of despair.

Georgina travels to St Ives to try and unravel the mystery and help Casey in her quest

 Georgina ,who’s phone was used by Crystal in ‘Caverns’, is fascinated by 1920’s styles and vehicles and is determined to be a film star.

Can she save a real life star from the clutches of her stalker.

(Pola Negri with Valentino)

valentino love pola - Copybasement2StIves1 - Copy

Casey has a battle on her hands to rescue Eleanor from a life of horror. The only way that they can affect a rescue is to travel into the unknown.


bsa flatank 04 - Copy - Copy

How does vintage BSA flattank help Georgina?

vauxhall - CopyGeorgina finds the bike

Or for that matter a Vauxhall?                                                                        Georgina finds her motorbike

What will Casey do when she is confronted by these monster crabs.




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