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Magical Potters

The Historical ‘Coming of Age’ story set in Cornwall in 1820, prequel to the ‘Caverns Series’.

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Follow the trials of a young girl, Brianna, and her daughter as they battlewith a wicked miner who has stolen all the people dear to them.

A story of a magical young girl with psychic powers who foresees terrible events, but through her creativity and the help of a few spirits and a couple of ghosts, plots his downfall. He is more resilient then they first suppose and it is left to the daughter to try and finish the job.

Set in deepest Cornwall it follows the love life and tragedy of a miner’s daughter as she sets up her pottery and china business against all odds.

A wicked Uncle has secrets that Brianna is trying to uncover and expose but is thwarted at every turn. Her daughter continues the battle until she is betrayed by the Uncle’s son, but with the help of some surprising ‘ghosts’ from the past, plans the ultimate revenge.